Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gardens and scarf

My little garden is just beautiful this year. It hasn't been warm yet but it still looks wonderful. The violets have had a great start. I know lots of people think they are weeds but I can't help but love them!

This end garden,my rock garden is always a few weeks behind because it only receives afternoon sun but even it is making progress.

Now onto the knitting:

Finished this CUTE little scarf the other day. Cashmere something....
Of course I have lost the tag but I still love it! My daughter has tried to snag it more than once, but I'm putting it aside for now. (The desire to wear it is just killing me though!)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday, Monday

What a day!!!! Some days, especially Mondays, I should never get out of bed!
The day started out alright, but I knew it would be hectic....heading to Plattsburgh for a meeting. I get to work, and start working on the project I am headed to P-burg for, only to find out that it got wiped out when the web server at school had to be formatted last week. (Only a BIT frustrating since I had already had about 60% of it finished!) So I spent the entire morning pulling those pieces back together, so that I could review it with the "person" in P-burg. (*** Note **** I did get most of it back up!)
Then, I leave school and go buy gas. Once I go to pay for the gas that has already been pumped into my car, I realize that I DON'T have my debit card! Or a check ! Or very much cash! Thank goodness I ALWAYS buy my gas at the same place. Left my $10 and license there and will pay tomorrow. Of course, by now, I'm late and I don't dare speed( no license!) so off I head to P-burg SLOWLY. I get there, only 1 minute late and lo and behold, I am the only person who drives an hour and a half to go to the meeting. UGH! I was granted some work time, so I showed my project, asked a few questions and then worked on it for an hour. Finished the meeting at 3, and headed home around 3:15. Couldn't shop - no cash or debit card. I did ask to see a phone book though, to check for yarn shops! NONE! Only michaels. Got home around 5:30, then the little one asked to go swimming in Massena at 7. Finally got home at 8:30 and did an hour more of work! .......okay someone stop the world and let me off!

I hope the rest of the week is a bit easier!

Well, knitting news! I cleaned out my yarn corner yesterday after my DH threatened me with garbage bags. (Not really but I wouldn't want to tempt him!) Sometimes even I forget what I have going!
* I have a cute little purse going for Bek, I hope to felt it!
* I started my second BBS today.... I have finished the cuff and hell turn on the first and thought I would do the same amount on the second and proceed from there.
* Scarf started for a friend.
* Frogged the baby afghan because I have another idea.

I started to think about Christmas... Probably because we are supposed to have a frost tonight. What to do for everyone?
I will probably do some socks for some people, esp. my kids
Not sure about everyone else. Well I will have to do some thinking.

Headed to Syracuse next week for Annual Conference. I can't wait. I hope to hit a few yarn shops while I am there. or at least AC Moore in Clay.
Time to get to bed! Toodles all!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


It's been a crazy week with 2 different awards assemblies and 3 days of gymnastics practices and today a competition. It was Bek's 1st competition and I think she did great. She rec'd 2 blue and 2 red ribbons and placed 3rd in her age division. I am so proud of her...she really rised up to the occasion. I thought her nerves would get the better of her but they did not. Cool!

After the competition we had a nice dinner in Lowville at The Lighthouse and then a 2 hour drive back home. What a nice drive.....and since DH was driving I was able to knit. I finially turned the heel in my first BBS and now am ready to pick up my gusset stitches. I feel like I've finally made some headway.

I have a few other projects on needles:
* an eyelash scarf (maybe for me) in some yummy blues and periwinkles with a little yellow thrown in
* a little purse for Bek in a cute variegated pink-purple--green- Galway wool that I am going to felt
* that baby's afghan
* my socks I haven't touched in 2 weeks ( don't say probably have some things you haven't worked on for weeks too!)

Oh how I would just like to finish something - ANYTHING! Maybe this is the week??? I hope to knit!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day and I have been treated to some beautiful treats from my family. I received a great Don Moen CD from my husband, and a card from my son. My daughter handmade me some wonderful things for my garden, a new ladybug rock, a flower for my desk, a little nut and a cutely decorated shell.

She is very creative and knows how much I LOVE homemade gifts. She helped the little girl from next door create a set for her mom too.
I have been banned from the back porch for the past week and now I know why.
After a very nice church service (2) we came home, DH made a delicious dinner and we had a relaxing day. I love them when we can get them...especially since the next week will be crazy.

Now to knitting........
* I tried to create a little purse with some Merino wool and some varigated wool, but it didn't quite felt the way I had planned. It will still work once I add a lining to it....just wanted to try something new!
* My BBS socks are quickly moving along now. I realized this afternoon that I CAN knit AND read at the same time. AWESOME! I'm into the Sixth Convenant by Bodie & Brock Theone, and if I can knit and read I'm doubly happy.

* I decided last night that I had better start a baby afghan for the art teacher at my school. She will soon be having baby #2. My dilemma is that I never want to make two blankets the same way so what to do? I decided, with help with from DD, to use lots of bold colors mixed with a cream. Holding to strands at a time I am knitting it on size 15's using a dishcloth-type pattern. Something different!

Time to go! little one needs to go to bed!

Monday, May 7, 2007

NO!!! I am not crazy! and gifts today!

The CRAZY part 1st -
Well......the "cold" almost killed me. I did the Nyquil thing last night and struggled to wake up out of the drug-induced fog this morning to get to work. I did make it, but around 10 my ears started to hurt everytime I coughed. Checked with the nurse at school, who said it didn't look good (like looking in an ear ever could look good?), i made multiple calls to the clinics in town but nothing!Ended up driving an hour from work to check what the hubby siad would "be nothing". Dr.'s diagnosis- ear infection AND upper respiratory infection. Thank God I went in early and didn't wait any longer! So see - Bo- I'm not crazy......Ok well maybe a little!

Now the gifts.....
A dear friend brought me in an early birthday present. (I love her....she's only off by 6 months and 3 days!) A pile of eyelash yarn she found on sale!!!! Oh how i love friends who will indulge my yarn habit by buying me a skein every once in awhile. Thanks MAL - you totally rock!!!!

Ok....I though I'd show some socks I've finished and some I am working on.

These are a pair I have finished to send to SFS (Socks for Soldiers) as soon as I find time to get to the UPS store.

These are ones I actually making for myself. Regia and Sirdar Snuggly, both that I found in Oswego on a 75% off sale! I love the light green in the Regia. Had to have these for myself.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Weeding and sickness

I started the day thinking I would tackle the weeds in my garden before they take me over. I did get through the front garden and part of my rock garden but then my allergies decided to get the best of me. After 3 hours of weeding tiny tree sprouts and dandelions (why can't they just stay in theyard where they can be mowed over?) my sinuses decided to scream in protest. So I many weeds too little time.

I took a quick trip to the big city Massena and let my DD and her friend play in the playground while I knit for awhile. I love knitting in the sun sitting on a blanket. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Unfortunately my BBS (Big Black Socks) for Socks for soldiers take FOREVER. I keep working on them every day, but I have found I need some sort of diversion or I will go crazy. For now it is some scarves to do some stashbusting!

I just finshed this simple garter stitch scarf with some beautiful needle a friend gave to me. We "found" a beautiful yarn store in Rochester, Spirit Work knitting & design, as we were coming home from Niagara Falls.(I say found because I drove about an hour out of the way, and prayed I would be able to find it!) I was really only looking for some size 2 circular needles, but I did purchase some other finds along the way. Once we got home, she handed me these gorgeous needles and of course I had to try them ASAP.

so simple....i wish I knew what the yarn brand and name is, but my DD found it at a local store in a baggie for 50 cents. So of course she grabbed it for her mama. (I have her so well trained!)

Friday, May 4, 2007

Let's start at the very beginning.....

Where to start?
Once upon a time, a little girl was taught how to crochet, around age 8. She proceeded to think it was fun but never got very good at it. Then she went to college and decided that winters in Potsdam NY were TOO cold for mere mortals. She, being creative of nature and poor of pocket, decided to make her sweaters instead of buyng them. ( OH they were dreadful!)

Fast forward 23 years, add a pastor husband, 3 kids, 2 dogs and huge cat and I am still creative (at least I think so!) and still poor. (Why does that never go away?) Nowadays, I love to create instead buy my Christmas presents, make baby blankets to give away, surprise friends with a lap blanket or a scarf, anything to spread sunshine where ever I can with yarn. crochet or knit, doesn't matter to me, what do I feel like doing today?