Thursday, June 21, 2007

ONE more day! and a teacher's gift

Well there is only one more day to this school year! Hallelujah!!
I haven't written much this month due to the fact that the family and I are packing like fiends trying to get ready for our move the 2nd week of Malone. Needless to say, knitting and crocheting have took kind of a back seat in the mean time.
But I have tried to keep my commitment to Socks for Soliders by knitting 20 minutes every day and I just finished an afghan for my daughter's teacher (male).

It is made in true ripple style with Bernat Soft Boucle' and Lion Brand Yarn Homespun (Prairie). Of course I didn't buy the correct amount of yarn (how am I supposed to think of something like that when I'm worried about packing my yarn away, yet keeping out enough to play with until we move?) but I still think it came out great. It's a little shorter than most afghans but my daughter said that's ok because she's short too! (How cute) The one nice thing about it, is that it can be used in either direction and serve double duty.

Well off to work, have a great day! :)