Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Late and everything runs amuck.AKA - I HATE WINTER

It snowed last night (AGAIN!!!) I went out the door this morning at 5:30 to do my morning walk and a foot of snow greeted me at the cellar door. Thank goodness only 6 inches of it was real snow and the rest was blown around snow. I had to shovel part of the driveway so we could at least get to the cars and so the kids could out the driveway. I did that, started walking, checked my iPod which said 6:01. Of course I didn't believe it, since my iPod keeps resetting itself.By the time I got downtown, the clock on top of the church said - 6:10 -......great already behind the dime!

Let me give you a quick run through the rest of the day, get home from my walk - my hair is standing up straight, need to rewash it-hubby is already in the shower, have to wait, get out the door - 10 minutes late, back out of the snow filled driveway - I drive off the driveway, have to get coffee - but the car window is frozen, go to get gas -the little door flap to my gas cap is frozen shut (I was comedy routine trying to get it open), end up picking up my co-worker 15 minutes late!!! UUUGGGHH!! WINTER ROTS!

cast on for Hedera Socks today with my Knit Picks Essential, on my new KP Harmony needles. I love the neddles. People either love or hate them nothing in the middle. They are definitely a great take along project, if I can ever learn how to memorize a pattern. (remember I am pattern impaired!)

I've decided today that my work is starting to interfer with my knitting habit. I wish I could get more time in, but I doubt it is going to happen. I guess that's why I love long car rides, and vacations. Oh well, next one is around 6 weeks away - Vacation that is.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

I wore the February Lady yesterday to church and today to work (1st day back after vacation).
I was so happy in it - all day! Not too hot, not too cool, just right. (I feel like Goldilocks!)
This is first sweater I have ever made for myself.Ok, it's the first sweater I have ever finished for myself. I've tried before but always have ended up frogging it. I know I will definitely be making another February Lady for myself - hopefully in a black with longer sleeves.

There is something wonderful about wearing a sweater you've created, especially since it is fit to your specific body. It is AWESOME!~! hence the happy happy joy joy!

I've already cast on another sweater, Hey Teach (Knitty, summer 2008) and I already am in love!!! This will be a wonderful sweater for work, spring and part of the summer.

I'm not sure if you have heard the Happy Happy Joy Joy song, but if not, here's a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABWyXKT5qt4.
Until next time! :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

A Bad BAD girl, February Lady/ Hey Teach, sox yarn and a swift

Well, so much for blogging every day/night. I guess I'm not doing so well......what a bad BAD girl!! My lower lip is pouting .......boo....hooo....hoo!

I've been on winter break this week and have kept my knitting going, although not very many things have been finished. The big finish was the February Lady today!!! Too many problems with this sweater, it's still a little too raw to talk about....maybe next time. Now even saying all this, I ADORE this sweater. it is gorgeous.....just with some short sleeves.

My next tackle is going to be Hey Teach from Knitty. It seems so appropriate, so I'm going to cast on tomorrow morning. YEAH!

Now the sox yarn....... the BOY.....who in just a few weeks will officially be of the driving age ~ actually there is NO way that I should be calling my 6 feet 1 inch tall son a BOY. He decided to tell me the other day he would like a pair of socks! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? This child of mine has feet the size of small cars. Seriously, he wears a size 14 shoe most of the time and his feet are EEEE wide!! UGH!! And to add insult to injury he wants the socks to be yellow, not pastel yellow, not school bus yellow, but bright bright BRIGHT yellow with Lime green stripes. So.....Finding this yarn has been a real challenge....oh yeah he wants them to be mid-calf high as well. NO sock yarn, (I'd be knitting them until 2020!), no merino - NOTHING! I finally found some Plymouth Worsted in bright yellow and lime green. I think they knit up quite quickly now that I have found the yarn, and will be a birthday present. I am planning on stripes, based on the Fibonacci series. My son is a HUGE Dan Brown fan, so I think he will enjoy them.

Finally, a yarn swift. My husband recently ordered me a ball winder, but I held back from buying a swift. When he asked me why, I told him that I would keep using my "Men-swift" - meaning him and the BOY. And I would prefer to buy one at a garage sale, I will put some friends on it this summer and today I found a picture of one that someone made out of Lego's. I am definitely going to set the kids on that one!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Busy, Busy

The last week and a half have been crazy busy and just plain crazy. Work has been wild, and I never seem to have enough hours built into my work day but I am really trying not to bring it home(haha!) I have succeeded so far but I think I may have to break down this weekend and do some school work just to catch up.

2 weekends ago, my dear hubbie drove me over to Fiber Options in Renselear Falls. Great shop!! Excellent layout and they have their yarn displayed beautifully. All you want to do is run your fingers through it all! It definitely fed my yarn addiction.

Here are some pictures of some things I have finished in the last few days. This is a bag I made for Marg. I call it Marg's Reversible Purple iPurse.

The mitts are made from Lumpy Bumpy Yarn by Charlene. Great yarn - super soft and very warm.