Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Catching Up

It seems as though the only time I find to blog is during the weekend. Not as regular as I have hoped but at least I am being consistent. Let's catch up on the latest projects!

First, is the rug for our back porch. This started because Bo wanted to buy a "better" rug, and I said "Why don't I make one, that way we can wash it when it's dirty?" So....this is the results of such thinking process. (I had originally started a circle one, but I did not like how it was turning out, so it was quickly frogged.)

I held two strands of yarn together, one cotton and one UNKNOWN acrylic. It really was unknown.....a gift from a friend's mother around 4 or 5 years ago, and it was a remnant from a mill.
I used a LOT of cotton ends and just changed them randomly. I used a K hook and basically followed the pattern from......I don't know! I've lost it! (hahah how true!) I will look for it and add it later!

Next was this little basket! Much like the basket from last week, just on a smaller scale! I've decided that these will be great gifts and will be a DEFINITE craft to make for our church craft sale this summer! I will need to do some hunting for some pretty cottom colors!

Recognize that brass tool? It's a Crazy Daisy Maker! I happened to find it in some items from my mother. Now if you know anything about me, you know that I don't have many items from my mom and her crafting skills due to a fire, BUT....somehow this was tucked in some items. I have spent the last few days playing with it and I feel a scarf coming on as well as some other projects!

For now, I'm working on a new afghan, circles to squares, a 25-blocker! Hoping to have it done for off to my hooks I must go! Happy Crafting!

Monday, March 19, 2012

A crafty weekend

As you can see, it was a very busy weekend. The weather has been awesome, 77 on Sunday, 73 on Monday and it's still WINTER! The picture shows off my new crochet project basket and a Easter Peep Centerpiece.

Then is was the crochet Rainbow bag. It's an inspiration from last week's birthday bag but no pattern was used. Which I guess means, I DESIGNED IT MYSELF!!! YEAH!!!!
RAINBOW BAG Materials:
Cotton yarn and scraps of acrylic
K hook

Starter Row: chain 43 Row 1 (1st circle): Turn and dc in the 3rd sc, dc across to last stitch, 4 dc in end stitch, continue dc in bottom of all sc across, then 4 dc in last dc. Join

Row 2 (2nd circle:) Chain 3 count as first dc, dc across to center of 4 dc at end, 2dc in center 2 dc, dc to 4 dc, 2 dc in center 2 dc, dc to join. CONTINUE in this manner until the bottom is the size you wish

TO START sides: sc around in back of stitch for first row Spiral your stitches up, changing colors every row for the multi-colored look and less often for a more pooled look.
Continue the spiral until Bag is as deep as you wish.

HANDLES: Make 2 chain 60, then single chain back and forth. 3 - 4 rows of single crochetare plenty sturdy enough.

FINISH: Fold bag in half and using a safety pins, pin handles onto bag to check for proper placement. Sew handles in place. Weave in ends!

I am hoping to do more simple designs! Here goes nothing! Happy Crafting! V

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

catching up kind of day....

home for the day....not feeling well is an understatement. BUT, deciding to make the best of it by catching up on some of my projects I've let lapse. Here are some of the finished projects: A little crocheted bowl. Simple, love this concept! I will be making MANY more!
This is the Easter Granny! I absolutely love it!
Resting in it's spot...surprised Copper hasn't planted himself on it.
This is a friend's 50th birthday bag! Circle start and used different stitch types throughout.
and now on to today's finished projects.... First Bo's blanket was finished!
And then a necklace (of yarn of course) for me!)
All in all? A good day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Craft Cave....

I've decided it's time to get my craft room under control. The room, now named the CRAFT CAVE, is in one of the unfinished rooms in the cellar of the parsonage. I hate to make a lot of changes but something had to change. The BEFORE 1:
So half a can of paint (a mistake gallon from Walmart), 4 yards of fabric and some velcro and brads and six hours of hard work I am close to done. I repainted the UGLY pumpkin-colored shelf unit and flipped it on its side.
I then added velcro to the top and sewed it on to the fabric. This is to hold my yarn. I then painted the tabletop, not worrying about the color that bled through. I then painted the "odd" pieces of wood on the floor. Once everything dried the organizing started. I've gotten some done, but it will take a few more hours to organize the rest of my yarn - AT LEAST a few hours. Not perfect but it sure is better.
The area to the right when you first come in. Added some fabric to add color.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 3 of Wool-Eater CAL and hair!

No picture of Wool-Eater as of yet! I'm diligently working my way through the 14th repeat. I have to say this is one of my absolute favorite crochet patterns of all!! It looks so wonderful, moves quickly and really does use up yarn. I do think I will try an oblong when I am finished with this one! Perhaps....
One of my favorite finds recently has been Pinterest. It's not like I needed another thing to do, but I have found LOTS of crafting ideas as well as school ideas.
Not much crafting went on this week. Knee deep in school work meetings and getting ready for the Epsilon Ball. My little girl looked so beautiful....and I did HER HAIR!! AMAZING if I do say so myself!! Happy Crafting and such!! Try to stay warm!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hearts, Wool-Eater CAL 2012 Week 2, and a rice bag

It's been a busy week at work but I've done my share of crafting, as time permits. Steady progress is being made on the sweater, but I'm doing a few other things along the way.
The first thing done this week was the Sweet Tart heart. So simple, inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. 3 boxes of the hearts, sorting through them quickly, glued them on with plain old white glue and a piece of red cardstock. Simple, but so stinking cute!!
Now onto the Wool-Eater 2012 CAL Week 2. Up to row 10, with 2 days to spare...Yippee!! I love, love, LOVE this pattern. Simple it just flies. The only issue I came up with was when one of the balls of yarn DIDN'T quite make it all the way around 2 times. Thought I might start the new color, but that would have killed me! So I frogged 2 almost complete rows and started with the lime green. Trying to be more careful from now on. The last craft for the week was a rice bag for Beks. Unfortunately I couldn't find my sewing machine foot pedal. (I know its downstairs SOMEWHERE.....) so I hand sewed it. Gave it to Bek, can't get it away from her to take a picture. Maybe next time....until then...Love your yarn!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Good blogger

Tuesday back to work after two snow days and MLK Jr. Day. Needless to say it was a slow start and then an early dismissal due to some awful weather. In my good weather brain I stayed at school until 4:00 and then drove home in freezing rain- snow-slop!! Oh well!!
My blanket" Wool-Eater Blanket 2012 CAL has quickly taken shape and I am on the 6th round already! This CAL blanket is NOT an easy start BUT after the 2nd time around you totally can understand the pattern and then it starts to fly. As I look at other peoples' color choices I am totally impressed. As for me....I'm leaning into the odds and end basket and pulling out a ball that looks like it will make it around twice. Not a lot of planning, just planning on getting rid of some of the strange odds and ends.
Check it out here!