Monday, January 23, 2012

Hearts, Wool-Eater CAL 2012 Week 2, and a rice bag

It's been a busy week at work but I've done my share of crafting, as time permits. Steady progress is being made on the sweater, but I'm doing a few other things along the way.
The first thing done this week was the Sweet Tart heart. So simple, inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. 3 boxes of the hearts, sorting through them quickly, glued them on with plain old white glue and a piece of red cardstock. Simple, but so stinking cute!!
Now onto the Wool-Eater 2012 CAL Week 2. Up to row 10, with 2 days to spare...Yippee!! I love, love, LOVE this pattern. Simple it just flies. The only issue I came up with was when one of the balls of yarn DIDN'T quite make it all the way around 2 times. Thought I might start the new color, but that would have killed me! So I frogged 2 almost complete rows and started with the lime green. Trying to be more careful from now on. The last craft for the week was a rice bag for Beks. Unfortunately I couldn't find my sewing machine foot pedal. (I know its downstairs SOMEWHERE.....) so I hand sewed it. Gave it to Bek, can't get it away from her to take a picture. Maybe next time....until then...Love your yarn!

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