Monday, March 19, 2012

A crafty weekend

As you can see, it was a very busy weekend. The weather has been awesome, 77 on Sunday, 73 on Monday and it's still WINTER! The picture shows off my new crochet project basket and a Easter Peep Centerpiece.

Then is was the crochet Rainbow bag. It's an inspiration from last week's birthday bag but no pattern was used. Which I guess means, I DESIGNED IT MYSELF!!! YEAH!!!!
RAINBOW BAG Materials:
Cotton yarn and scraps of acrylic
K hook

Starter Row: chain 43 Row 1 (1st circle): Turn and dc in the 3rd sc, dc across to last stitch, 4 dc in end stitch, continue dc in bottom of all sc across, then 4 dc in last dc. Join

Row 2 (2nd circle:) Chain 3 count as first dc, dc across to center of 4 dc at end, 2dc in center 2 dc, dc to 4 dc, 2 dc in center 2 dc, dc to join. CONTINUE in this manner until the bottom is the size you wish

TO START sides: sc around in back of stitch for first row Spiral your stitches up, changing colors every row for the multi-colored look and less often for a more pooled look.
Continue the spiral until Bag is as deep as you wish.

HANDLES: Make 2 chain 60, then single chain back and forth. 3 - 4 rows of single crochetare plenty sturdy enough.

FINISH: Fold bag in half and using a safety pins, pin handles onto bag to check for proper placement. Sew handles in place. Weave in ends!

I am hoping to do more simple designs! Here goes nothing! Happy Crafting! V

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