Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Catching Up

It seems as though the only time I find to blog is during the weekend. Not as regular as I have hoped but at least I am being consistent. Let's catch up on the latest projects!

First, is the rug for our back porch. This started because Bo wanted to buy a "better" rug, and I said "Why don't I make one, that way we can wash it when it's dirty?" So....this is the results of such thinking process. (I had originally started a circle one, but I did not like how it was turning out, so it was quickly frogged.)

I held two strands of yarn together, one cotton and one UNKNOWN acrylic. It really was unknown.....a gift from a friend's mother around 4 or 5 years ago, and it was a remnant from a mill.
I used a LOT of cotton ends and just changed them randomly. I used a K hook and basically followed the pattern from......I don't know! I've lost it! (hahah how true!) I will look for it and add it later!

Next was this little basket! Much like the basket from last week, just on a smaller scale! I've decided that these will be great gifts and will be a DEFINITE craft to make for our church craft sale this summer! I will need to do some hunting for some pretty cottom colors!

Recognize that brass tool? It's a Crazy Daisy Maker! I happened to find it in some items from my mother. Now if you know anything about me, you know that I don't have many items from my mom and her crafting skills due to a fire, BUT....somehow this was tucked in some items. I have spent the last few days playing with it and I feel a scarf coming on as well as some other projects!

For now, I'm working on a new afghan, circles to squares, a 25-blocker! Hoping to have it done for off to my hooks I must go! Happy Crafting!

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